Overheard @ AP Field Office?

1:30 PM
Ring, ring.
Al Sharpton: “Hello, Rev. Sharpton here.”

Associated Press: “Reverend Sharpton, we are calling to get your thoughts on the use of the term Curmaflumpadoo on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday. How do you feel about that, sir?”
Sharpton: “Curmaflumpadoo!? Who said that?”
Associated Press: “Stacey Campfield.”
Sharpton: “Who is that?”
Associated Press: “He is the Tennessee State Representative, who tried unsuccessfully to join the Tennessee Black Caucus, sir. Remember?”
Sharpton: “Yes, I recall because I was about to go down there. Well, I am appalled that such language could be employed on National Television by one of our state leaders! I will address the issue on my radio show.”
Ring, Ring
Jesse Jackson: “Reverend Jackson.”
Associated Press: “Rev. Jackson, we are calling to see if you share Rev. Sharpton’s shock and outrage at the use of the word Curmaflumpadoo by Tennessee Representative Stacey Campfield on the Bill O’Reilly Show.”
Jackson: “I am not familiar with this individual in a leadership role to which your referate but I most assuredly concur with my esteemed peer and collegiate, Rev. Sharpton on this heinous situation of linguistic insult that perpetuates the downtrodden burdenation of the black community.
Associated Press: Thank you, sir.


1:50 PM
AP Reporter #1: “Well, I didn’t find anything online in the Urban Dictionary.
“Did Sharpton make a comment on it? ”
AP Reproter #2: “Uh, yeah.”
AP Reporter #1: “Well, what does it mean?
AP Reporter #2: “Hell if I know.”
AP Reporter #1: “Is it bad?”
AP Reporter #2: “It must be bad because Sharpton is pissed.”
AP Reporter #1: “Well, what did Jackson say?”
AP Reporter #2: “Hell if I know… but he didn’t like it either.”
AP Reporter #1: “Then it must be real bad…. let’s put it on the wire.


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