Selling Presidents and Beer…

To Market, to market to buy a fat pig…. or ehhhh – a donkey? Christian? Muslim? Black guy? Bit of Inexperience? Loads of Idealism? What exactly is Sen. Barack Obama (D) IL selling?

Apparently, all of it.

Of course, Obama’s camp knows good and well Americans aren’t there yet. We have never elected a black president, a female President, or a homosexual president; and Joe Public isn’t ready to run out and vote for Barack Hussein Obama as Commander-in-Chief either.

Is he?

Depends on if the clever marketing strategy works – the Obama camp is already packaging the young Dem’s “controversy” and selling it like Budweiser beer at Super Bowl halftime. Most popular campaign slogan – Don’t tell Mama I’m for Obama.

With an ad campaign in place: Obama has now moved on to the next challenge which could make or break him as a hopeful: Hollywood. Last night, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen threw a $2,300 a ticket fundraiser for the Dem Dreamboy: and many of Tinseltown’s A-list People were scheduled to attend. Those holding 20+ tickets were invited back to the Geffen’s home for dinner. Hmmm, can Obama woo Hollywood away from Hillary? Has he already?

With Hillary as a foe, Biden as instigator and Nader providing occasional bouts of comedic relief – the race for the 08′ nod is going to be quite interesting. Perhaps, as things heat up, Hillary will resort to begging an endorsement from the GEICO Lizard. Obama could get Oprah to select his book for her club… Hillary could sleep with a hot intern and then apologize while playing the kazoo on Letterman’s show…and then Obama could hook up with Nike and create his own product line….

And in this world of cash-register politics: where image and money are everything, I can’t help but wonder – what load of crap will the dems buy?


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