Bulls Gap Man Joins Presidential Race

By: Nate Morabito / WJHL – News Channel 11

Off a rural road in Bulls Ga (?) a brick house, but the modest man who lives inside, wants to move to a White House. He’s making his run for the presidency with just his $25,000 a year income.

From the day he was born, it seems the man’s parents expected big things. After all, they named him Grover Cleveland Mullins.

“I don’t know if they was thinking about the family pet or thinking of a president that was elected twice,” Mullins said. “I never could figure it out.”

Nationwide, 115 people have filed the paperwork to run for president so far. Mullins, a 49 year-old divorced father filed his statement of candidacy last week….

Read Entire Article Visit Grover’s Site

Blogger’s Note: Will I vote for this guy? Probably not. In fact, I haven’t yet decided if we should lock him in the looney bin or give him four kudos, two thumbs up and a +++A Ebay rating just for having the balls to join the race and announce his candidacy with a sparklee.


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