BubbaRae to sell rare Huskadale

Local Entrepreneur and general all-around swapper-n-trader, BubbaRae, wishes to announce that he has nine Huskedale puppies for sale.  Huskedales are a rare breed of sporting dogs.  In fact, BubbaRae says he can “guaran-damn-tee that nobody else has a Huskedale – `cause he just now made it up.”

The dogs are 4 weeks old and will be ready for new homes in about two weeks.  The father is a AKC-registered Airedale, with a penchant for poopin’ in the neighbors yard. The mother is a KFC-eating Siberian Husky, who rarely chews-up both shoes.  The Airedale, which BubbaRae’s daughters bought him for Christmas last year even though he would’ve druther had something else – like a lawn mower or new britches – is valued at $550.  The Siberian Husky is worth around $250. 

Therefore, Bubba estimates the value of offspring at approximately $800, but he is willing to sell them for around $5.  That is a savings of $795 – what a deal!

The puppies will be released to good homes only: buyers may be required to invite BubbaRae over for supper at least twice so he can check things out. (TIP: he likes meatloaf and beer) Also, please note that BubbaRae will NOT trade the puppies for any cats, used dentures or aluminum cans (so don’t ask) but he may consider working out a deal on Ford parts or any item manufactured by Craftsman. 

Serious inquiries only – please contact blogger for details.


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