Halloween doesn’t sneak up on my family. We have …

Halloween doesn’t sneak up on my family. We have far too many rituals to alert us of its arrival.
Last week, we carved pumpkins with Pap. This tradition began 5 years ago and my father takes role of pumpkin carvin’ advisor very seriously.

Yesterday, we spent $40 on candy, $30 on a glitter-leaking Dancing Princess costume, then $7 for a ninja outfit. At times like these, you’ve got to appreciate the simplicity of little boys.  Last night, we watched It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have watched this each year since the age of five and I’ve tried to get my kids to watch it with me. This year, my son displayed an slight interest. I suppose he, who is somewhat of an outcast himself, can empathize with poor Charlie Brown, who gets rocks in his treat bag and had a jack-o-lantern face scribbled across the back of his prematurely bald head.  The little one had no patience for ancient animation. She wandered off to play super, ballerina Barbie Brat princess or something else, which requires plastic high heels and lipstick.
Tonight (Sat. Oct. 28th @ 7:00pm) we’re heading off to the Rogersville City Park’s annual pumpkin hunt, where I will take lots of pictures of the kids – the kids in their costumes, the kids with their friends, the kids waiting in line, the kids with runny noses… Five minutes into the hunt, the flashlight batteries will fail. We will spend 45 minutes rumbling around in the dark looking for a particular pumpkins. We will locate it after other sympathetic parents pitch in to help. While waiting for the prize drawings, the kids will get whiny. I will take pictures of the kids whining, the kids’ whiny friends, the kids with their whining snotty friends, and the kids with dead flashlight batteries.  My toes will get numb causing me to stumble over top of four vampires, a raggedy Ann and a few Disney characters. Then, I will get whiney until finally – we drag ourselves home, tired, grouchy and laden with orange and purple junk that is really no different than the junk littering my home now. I will vow never to do this again.
Then come next Spring – I will look at pictures of the Great Pumpkin Hunt. I will remember what a good time we had and look forward to next year. Next year, we will be more prepared. Next year, we will buy new batteries. Next year, we will wear camping socks and take kleenex… Next year will be different, you’ll see, Charlie Brown, you’ll see!

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