Closer than I thought… UPDATED

UPDATE: Even Later

It’s mostly official now. A Democrat is running against Lamar in the General election.  I can’t remember who it is.  Does it matter?  It’s the Bob guy, I think.  You know, the one who got 64 votes in Hawkins County.  They must’ve liked him elsewhere, I guess.

In other news: No pink slips for the kin: Marsha Blackburn won.  Well, there’s the business of the general election but… eh.

Johnson City Mayor Phil Roe has defeated his opponent incumbent U.S. Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn. Roe received 25,918 votes or 50.4% according to unofficial results. Davis received 25,458 votes or 49.6 percent of the ballots cast. Roe will face Democrat Rob Russell, who grabbed 4091 votes (63%) in the Democratic Primary.

Oh and finally…

Dear Nikki Tinker, God don’t like ugly.  Voters don’t either.  Now you know.  Best wishes.


UPDATE: 10:49 PM

192 of 239 precincts reporting (80%)
Phil Roe with 23,624 / 50%
David Davis with 22,101 / 48%

(Hawkins County #’s)
David Davis…1,800
Phil Roe…1,562

Grrr. Buncha Dipshits.

Locals winners are
Hawkins County Commission

4th District, 6 of 6 precincts reporting (100%)
Linda G. Kimbro with 449 / 71% of the vote.

Hawkins County School Board
2nd District, 3 of 3 precincts reporting (100%)
Burl W. Smith with 403/64% of vote.
3rd District, 3 of 3 precincts reporting (100%)
Kathy D. Cradic, 222 /57% of vote
5th District, 3 of 3 precincts reporting (100%)
Michael B. Williams, 468/55% of the vote. (And I did not see this one coming.)
6th District, 4 of 4 precincts reporting (100%)
Debbie Gladson Shedden, 205/63% of the vote.


TN GOP Primary District 1
120 of 239 precincts reporting (50%)

Roe 17,473 51%
Davis 16,773 49%

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3 thoughts on “Closer than I thought… UPDATED

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  3. Angie, let me say first of all I enjoy reading all your comments. You are a very gifted person.

    As campaign chair for David Davis in Hawkins Co, I feel I know David well, he is a hard working, smart, kind, Christian man and I am proud to call him my friend.With that said, Dr Roe has won this race.I will hold my tongue and not comment on the attacks that were waged against Congressman Davis. I will just remind Dr Roe that what gos round comes round. I hope for the good, of the honest hard working folks of the first dist, that Roe will represent us as well as Congressman Davis has.We will be watching!

    I read you blog most everyday.Keep up the good work, an don’t be to rough on Faulk he is a good guy an would make a fine senator for the 4th.

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