Not Quite the General Lee

Charles Hickman was charged with driving on a revoked license fourth offense late Saturday night after he went joyriding on his employer’s (now former employer) Ford 3600 Tractor.

At approximately 11:20pm, police nabbed Hickman on Church Street.  Hickman said he was on his way to his girlfriend’s house to get something to eat.

Click here for full report.

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One thought on “Not Quite the General Lee

  1. Well I came in here to comment that that makes no sense because you do not need a license, registration, or to be 16 years old to drive a tractor in Tennessee, not even on a public road. Which is a good thing, there is enough anti-agriculture laws and sentiment here I wonder if half the state has turned into Yankees.

    But then the article says there is some sort of loophole that the tractor has to be used for agricultural purposes to be driven without a license, an obscure subtlety of law that was unknown to the suspect.

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