Vance Middle School Digs a Hole

Yesterday, I mentioned the “Relay for Life” t-shirt flap at a Bristol middle school. To make a long story short: several kids wore the purple Relay t’s to Vance Middle School. Some of those kids misbehaved. Administrators blamed the mess on the Relay’s “unifying” trademark purple – and banned the color altogether.

Now, these kids didn’t beat anyone up. They didn’t damage school property. They didn’t get ACS tattoos in study hall. They banged on some lockers. While the act may have been a poor show of solidarity, a sounding the drums or plain-old noisy-ass annoying pubescent behavior – overall, it was basically harmless.

Blaming the nuisance on a color or a non-profit, which raises money for cancer research – well, it may have seemed logical at the time, but following the public outcry, you figure administrators are now kicking themselves for poor judgment.

Apparently not.

Not only is the purple ban still in effect: the Herald Courier reports students were also prohibited from reading copies of Wednesday’s newspaper at school, (the edition containing the original article on the abolishment of all things Purple.)

“No kids were allowed to read the newspaper today,” Matt [Smith] said. “The teachers usually get stacks, but [faculty] took them all away.”

Add to this, a growing number of parents have publicly refuted what school administrators told the Herald Courier regarding parent complaints/ communications, which isn’t doing much for the school’s overall credibility here.

Students, parents and community members are talking protest.

Someone called the ACLU to weigh in on the matter.

And what Vance Middle School has on their hands is a battle that’s not worth fighting.

In my opinion, the Bristol school system should stop digging themselves into a hole – apologize for the misunderstanding, which has gotten out-of-hand, and offer a statement of support to the ACS by lifting the ban on purple and dealing with student behavior issues on an individual basis.

Or they can stick to their guns, ban other disruptive colors, maybe eliminate the Newspapers in Education program altogether… and then when they’re finished-up with that, they can pop some popcorn, watch their community support take a nose-dive and the lawsuits roll in… all because some boys banged on a locker.

Vance Middle School has been nominated for the Damarcationville Golden Shovel of Stupidity Award.
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2 thoughts on “Vance Middle School Digs a Hole

  1. As a student at Vance Middle School I can guarantee you that the colour purple is not banned and what was most upsetting was the fact that the students did not wear those shirts for the right purpose. Honestly there was an announcement encouraging us to wear purple to show support. But these students wore the shirts and made these statements to try and make somebody angry; they protested against nothing really. One of our very own teacher is a throat cancer survivor and one of my fellow students has recurring tumors and we all support them as much as possible. This issue needs to be resolved before any more of the faculty get falsely accused of anything, because I know from four years with the vice principal, he was once and gym teacher of mine, and two years with Mr. Kind, principal, that they are the most supportive of us all. They have stayed all night with my Latin 1 teacher Mrs. Hoss when she was battling her throat cancer.
    I just wanted to get this out there for the world to see, thank you.


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